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Wow, it's been a while since I've written anything here. Term finally finished (finally!) and now I am back happily being a Lab Rat and currently waiting for media to cool down so I can plate it out. Normally when making agar or other media it just gets melted in the microwave then poured instantly. However at the moment we're using media that needs antibiotics in it after it's been melted, the antibiotics don't like high temperatures so we have to let it cool down a bit first.

Other things I have to do:
  • Read up papers for my project next term (More bacteria! But no phages. Antibiotics instead)
  • Write a 3000 word essay about biorefinaries for the end of January
  • Revise all the stuff I did this term because I am a lazy Lab Rat and didn't do enough during the term.
  • Decide which options I am doing next term and organise my timetable
  • Write a CV and pester the person whose Lab I will be working in over summer this time to the point where they will fill in funding forms for me (but not actually get very pissed off at me).
  • Write the second chapter of a Very Geeky Story for a friend (it's about proteins...inside a cell...yeah. Currently stars Fos and Jun as the main characters, over-sentimental sacrificial cyclins and a gigantic mafia-style phosphate empire. Like a Sci-Fi/Western. But in a cell. heh)
Fun fun fun! Actually I really don't care because I'm back in a Lab and all is good :) And apart from the huge amount of work going on the rest of my life is going swimmingly.

This stuff is taking ages to cool down though x|

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