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Having missed a couple of the other deadlines for Science Writing Prizes, I am determined to manage to get something to submit for the John Rose Prize which (in it's own words) gives an award for:

"The best explanation of a scientific principle of general interest"

Anyone have any ideas about what I should write about? At the moment, I'm leaning towards antibiotic resistance because a) it's in my course and b) it's useful.

Or maybe I could write about Biorefineries, and just reuse bits of my essay? Phage therapy? Although that isn't exactly general interest at the moment unfortunately.

At the very least, writing this in my blog should give me enough commitment too it to actually write the damn thing instead of just waving at the deadline as it passes.


FreeWildebeest said...


Anti-biotic resistance sounds good to me, but that might just be because I'm selfish and want to understand myself.

HHM said...

Antibiotic resistance sounds like a good topic, particularly because of all the scares about superbugs.

What happened to the endocrinology prize essay?