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I'm sure I should feel happier...

Well...I handed my dissertation in. I'm sort of waiting for a nice happy heartfelt rush of relief, or some kind of feeling. Something other than cold and tired would be nice.

It did look all professional though; bound up properly with some nice results, pretty pictures and surprisingly meaningful graphs. And I think I'll probably feel better tomorrow, when I hand my lab book back to my supervisor in the safe knowledge that she's continuing with the work we were doing, and may yet find something even more interesting. At the moment though I'm kind of oscillating between oh-my-ghod-so-much-revision and well-there-goes-10%.

So if you want some interesting science go here for snails that ride on other snails, and other easy-to-understand scientific awesomeness from Ed Yong.

And if you want some mind-knotting philosophy go here for a discussion of induction that I feel so proud to actually understand (eventually and after much discussion)

(and if you want general fun, go to xkcd because it's always good)

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