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Sequencing vs. synthesis

Sequencing = the process of finding out what base-pairs a piece of DNA consists of (AAAGGGAAA etc)

Synthesis = the process of actually making the DNA from separate base pairs.

In my last post I got the two processes chronically mixed up. The links lead to a description of DNA sequencing, whereas the process I describe doing with my DNA is preparing them for DNA synthesis.

I was going to edit the post but I couldn't find any meaningful way to do so, without either deleting the information or deleting the links, both of which contain (hopefully) quite interesting science.

I will write a post about synthesis at some point.


John Farrell said...

Will look forward to that.

FreeWildebeest said...

I also look forward to it.

And the other post was useful, it's nice to now where the sequence all comes from first.