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Exciting News!

This has been in the works for a while now, but it's finally through, Lab Rat has a new home!

There's the URL in all its glory, because my new blog is for Scientific American. They've recruited around thirty new people for personal blogs and there are some amazing bloggers there. Almost all of my bloggy friends have moved and there's a whole group of us that have 'graduated' from Field of Science onto this new paying gig.

So what will happen to this blog? It won't disappear! I love being here at Field of Science, so I've decided to keep it and see how that goes. Most of the proper rigorous science will go over to Sciam, and after the first few weeks of excitement pass it should be on regular twice-a-week updates. This blog has been retitled "Life of a Lab Rat" and will be more general, talking about random interesting things I've found/heard in the scientific world as I make my way through my PhD. It'll have plenty of links to the science articles I'm writing both for Sciam (and anywhere else) so people who want to read them can still keep up with them. :)

I'm looking forward to blogging at my new home, and I hope the people who stop by here occasionally will enjoy it as well!


The Lorax said...

Grats to you LR!

John Farrell said...

Fantastic news! Congratulations!

Bjørn Østman said...

That's great!

Looking forward to getting CoE promoted in SciAm... ;)