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One of the things about science nowadays is that it tends to generate impressive amounts of paperwork, which you have to wade through to get to the actual science. For example, I want to keep working as a Lab Rat to help out my supervisor. The money is available to fund me, but I can't actually get at it without filling out a little form explaining why.

It isn't too bad, two sides of A4 with mostly just information about who I am and what my details are. There's only one part where I have to do any actual writing, so I'm currently trying to figure out how to say "I want to work in a lab! It is fun! It will give me CV points!" in officialese. I have a feeling that writing "I want something on my CV. Duh, why do you think I want to work in September?" would probably be frowned upon. As would seeming excessively keen. I don't know though, is it acceptable to write that you actually enjoy lab work on a form? Or will they just think I'm making it up.

It's all good practise though. Sticking with lab work means that my future will be full of funding forms and various other bits of paperwork in whch I try to find convincing and acceptible reasons for doing what I do. And then trying to couch them in slightly better terms than "I want money. I like lab work. Give me money, I will give you work."

heh. It's like applying to university all over again. ("As well as achieving impressive exam results I have had lots of experience doing all sorts of intelligent things-FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY JUST SOMEONE LET ME IN")

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Anonymous said...

Usually, saying something like "This position allows me to gain skills in x, y, and z, while also allowing me to work in a field strongly related to my interests in a, b, and c" usually works well. You can also include something about how your job will "provide valuable experience for future work in areas related to..."

Can you tell I've written a lot of these?