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Here is an interesting quote I came across today. It is meant to help you solve problems:

"You write down the problem. You think very hard. Then you write down the answer. "
~Richard Feynman

OK, I am going to try it right now with a problem I have. I am hungry. I missed breakfast and have not had lunch yet (it's 1.15). But the isopropanol is evaporating sooooo slowly, we need to do other things once it finally goes but it's taking it's own sweet time.

Problem: I am hungry
Thinking: need food, really need food, but it's so cold outside and too far to walk and I can't be bothered and I need more money food, need food.
Answer (written after a minimum of three minutes thinking time): I will fill myself up with water and not be hungry.


Sort of worked. Try again:

Problem: I have a 3000 word essay to write before January 20th
Thinking: I've sort of started it, I know some stuff, I have a week at home where I can sort of work except I won't have the Internet (crap) I have the weekend except I should probably be spending that with a Certain Someone as it is my last week with them before the holidays. why is this useful anyway! Lab Rat's don't need to be able to write essays. at least I'll have 20 days when I get back, crap how am I supposed to do anything in 20 days. I can't think I'm too hungry!!
Answer: ...

Screw you Richard Feynman.


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John Farrell said...

LOL. Made my Friday.