Field of Science

This time it's personal... was going to be the day the we started the 'wet-work' of the project, the actual laboratory procedure rather than the planning of the last few weeks. Our project involves the bacterial species E. coli (a nice safe laboratory strain) and we were planning on opening the membranes up, sticking in new DNA and seeing if they expressed it.

Except of course today I was ill.

Bacterial infection.

E. coli...

The massive irony of this is not lost on me. However I am feeling a lot better this afternoon than I did this morning, and when I hit the lab tomorrow, there will be Vengeance.

(For the sake of scientific accuracy I should probably say that I don't know for sure that it's E. coli, but I've had this infection before, and it was E. coli the last few times, so it's a relatively high probability).

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