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Obligatory January The First Post

I like organising myself, which may come as a surprise to people who know me. When it comes to revision time I like making revision plans, when it comes to holidays I like planning what I'm going to do each day, and when it comes to New Year I tend to go a bit crazy with the resolutions.

What I am not very good at is actually doing things. I'm good at starting things, just not sticking with them. The main problem with all my wonderful plans is not so much that they aren't good plans, but that I never follow them through. I'm surprised I'm still blogging to be honest; over one and a half years now when most of my new-exciting-idea-things barely make it to the six month mark.

So this year, instead of making a whole page of resolutions and then breaking them all by February, I'm going to make just six, and really try and stick with them. Three things I won't do, and three things I will.

Things I will not do next year:
  1. Waste time on the Internet. I'm not talking about the fifteen minutes morning webcomic-check, or an hour spent browsing on scienceblogs or research-blogging. I'm talking about four hours looking up TV-tropes kind of time wasting.
  2. Spend longer than fifteen minutes in the shower. My current average is thirty minutes. My getting-up routine consists mostly of shower. This is not good.
  3. Buy non-fairtrade chocolate. This one is so hard not to break. It's amazing how you can be half way through a Twix before you realise you're eating forbidden chocolate.
Things I will do next year:
  1. An hours work every evening (at least), unless I am out of the house. Taking an evening to go out with friends (or just the one special friend :D ) is fine. Spending the whole evening lying on the sofa breaking the other resolution-number-one is not.
  2. Go to Yoga at least once every two weeks, ideally every week. I tried to do this last term, but things kept getting in the way. This term I should be able to keep it up more regularly.
  3. Blog regularly. Ideally two posts a week, dropping back to one post a week in times of Stress (due to exams, job-hunting, etc.)
My holiday is officially over now, as is the Hiatus. I have so many research-blogging posts to catch up with it is unreal.


Alejandro Montenegro-Montero said...

It's great to know that you'll be blogging regularly...

I have so many research-blogging posts to catch up with it is unreal.

just check our "Picks of the Week" and you'll be fine ;-)

Psi Wavefunction said...

Welcome back!

Yeah, coming back to 1000+ items in reader is...daunting. Especially when two of them are shiny brand new advance pub TC-S reviews =D (and x_X)

Also, the term started. I should probably do something about that... (first day and skipping class already; you know you're in fourth year when...)

Good luck with your resolutions! I don't even bother anymore...

Anonymous said...

The chocolate one is a bit easier now that Dairy Milk is Fairtrade. Good luck, in any case!

Captain Skellett said...

Mmm... forbidden chocolate... *drools*

You know, I am exactly the same with starting things and not finishing them. EXACTLY the same. I have heaps of draft posts in my blog that I half wrote, then got distracted with other shiny's. It's a problem.

My resolutions are more yoga(love it!), more blogging, and working on my novel. Sound familiar? Let's hope we can stick these ones out. For some reason blogging doesn't get boring like other projects, I think cos there's always something different to write about.