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Moving house...

The more perceptive of my regular readers may have noticed that my blog has now moved to Field of Science, which gives me a snazzy new URL and the chance to be among some amazing science bloggers including blogging-friends like Psi. As I mentioned, this blog will now be kept strictly prokaryotic, providing (hopefully) interesting information about all things bacterial and archaeal. I usually update twice a week, three times a week if I'm feeling particularly enthusiastic, with occasional brief holiday breaks if I'm away somewhere without internet access (although it's not looking like I'll be having any of those for a good few months now...)

One of the main things I don't do on my blog is mention personal details. This blog is kept strictly for science and almost exclusively for research blogging, with the occasional bit of scientific personal speculation. However I do have some rather awesome breaking news...

I just got my Finals results - 2:1 !

If I can't show off about that on my own blog, where can I show it off?

There won't be a post today as I'll be celebrating by watching back-to-back "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet" episodes and waiting for my partner to come home from the late shift, but I've got one coming up tomorrow about the trials and tribulations of bacterial intracellular parasites.

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Jim said...


Congratulations on your finals results, and nice snazzy new blog abode ;-)