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Finally finished! After four years of stupidly intense work and crazily long holidays I've finally officially finished my degree and left my university. I'm still living in the city, and odds are I'll come back for a PhD the year after next so it wasn't exactly a tearful goodbye, but I still managed to have fairly intense Moment when I scurried out the fire exit after having gone through the requisite amount of Latin for me to walk off with the actual degree.

I can now put letters after my name!

I've got around two weeks off before I start my summer project, which I am VERY much looking forward too. What with revision and the way the course works I haven't actually been in a lab since around March, which is far too long for a Lab Rat to be out of a lab for.

I also won't technically be a "lab rat" any more. I chose the name to mean "unpaid student lab worker" (it seemed vaguely funny at the time...) and now I am a fully fledged paid scientist (albeit one who is frantically looking for a job).

There will be more bacteria-related posts coming very shortly. This is just an apology-for-lack-of-science post because what with rehearsing for graduation, getting graduated, getting rascally drunk at graduation parties and looking for wedding dresses there hasn't been all that much time for bacteria.

~Lab Rat MSci(Hons) BA CANTAB :D


Liz said...

Congratulations on graduating!

I only recently discovered Field of Science and its associated blogs, and I've gotta say I was suprised (and pleased) to find a fellow Cantab! Although I am but a lowly second year... :P

Lab Rat said...

@Liz: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy the FoS blogs :) Are you a NatSci as well? Good luck with your third year option. If you do biochem and want any hints/help feel free to drop me an email (my address should be on my blogger profile)

Liz said...

Aw, thanks! I'll be a geneticist next year, though - but hopefully I'll stay for a fourth year anyway, doing the new Systems Biology course (I don't want to leave!).

Captain Skellett said...

Congrats! I raise me cup o' grog to you! Ever thought of ditching the PhD and becoming a pirate? 'Tis a goodly life, fraught with danger and potential for missing limbs!

Lab Rat said...

@Liz: Good luck with genetics. The systems biology course does look quite fun, there's a couple of people I know in the year below me who'll be doing it next year.

@Skellett: LOL I am not a great fan of danger, although could probably be lured with promises of grog!