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Cherry Beer and Carnivals

I've just come back from a quick weekend away in Brussels which was really amazing. I would definitely recommend it as a holiday destination, it's easy enough to get to by Eurostar and there's plenty to do there. We went to the Instrumental Museum and the Cinema Museum (with clips from the first ever films) ate lots of mussels and interesting seafood and I discovered Kriek:

I'm not really a beer drinker, but Kriek is a form of cherry beer, which is really pleasant. Sitting in the sun outside a cafe, with Kriek and mussels talking with my fiancé about ancient cinema clips (including some really early Disney stuff) was just amazing :) It was a great holiday, and seemed far longer than just three days sneaky break.

I was going to try and write a science-post but I've been working double-speed today to make up for taking the day off so unfortunately new bacteria knowledge won't be materialising until later in the week. I would encourage anyone who has any interesting molecular biology posts to submit them to the Molecular Biology carnival though, not long until the first every issue and it would be great to make it a nice full one! Submit here, or by using the widget on the sidebar.


John Farrell said...

Looks nice. Also familiar. We may have that back home --as Belgian ales are becoming quite the item (at least in New England).

Lab Rat said...

Hi John! There are Belgian beers in the UK as well, but I've never seen Kriek yet. It was very nice, even for someone like me who didn't even like beer.

Captain Skellett said...

Cherry beer? Bizarre. Does it taste anything like cherry coke - I love that stuff! (tastes like cough mixture)