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New Carnival!

This is a little late as I've been away, but better late than never! A new carnival has arrived thanks mostly to the efforts of Alejandro Montenegro aided by myself, Lucas Brouwers, Psi Wavefunction and Alexander Knoll.

This carnival will collect articles focussing on all processes that go on inside cells. Every month (starting August the second) a collection of these articles will be gathered and posted on a suitable host blog. Posts from anyone are welcomed, as long as they feature internal cellular happenings.

I really love blog carnivals, as they give an interesting selection of work to browse through and, from a more selfish perspective, they do help to increase readership to your blog. Submissions will be accepted up too the first of August so if you have written, or are planning to write, anything about the Private Life of Cells then go submit your post here.

Also, for those that missed it the latest Carnival of Evolution is up at Culturing Science. It's an absolutely amazing issue, with loads of great articles and little hand drawn illustrations for each section heading.

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