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New Look!

In a move that has been in the works for some time, FoS has gotten a nice new makeover which means that the more perceptive of may readers may notice that things look a little different around here. Not hugely different, because the old design was pretty good, but a little smarter and more neat. This design was all worked out and implemented by Edward, who does all the work around here.

One of my favourite bits of the changes is that I've now got a "Popular Posts" gadget on the sidebar. Although I am slightly miffed that according to that the the most popular post on a bacterial blog is the random one I did about amphibian skin. I'm not sure how often or when it changes so I shall be keeping an eye on it over the next few weeks to try and fathom how it works.

There arealso a couple of things that I want to try and add to my new design; a gadget for MolBio carnival submissions (the original one takes far too long to load) and, ideally, a little "if you enjoyed that post, why not try these others?" type thing under each of my posts. Wordpress has a good way of doing it, so I'll be looking for a blogger hack that works passably well.

Not for a couple of days though, because at the moment the lab is full of the typical Lab Christmas Feeling - i.e everyone desperately trying to get as much work done as possible before they leave for the holidays. Added to which I'm busy writing PhD applications at the moment, trying to sort out my job for next term, and organise things so that I can still get back to my current lab after the holiday, because there's still a good few weeks work I need to get in, even though I'm technically not actually getting paid for it.

There should be a couple more December posts though, and your regular Lab Rat schedule will return in the New Year.

For those who are having a holiday - best wishes for happy holidays!


Hannah said...

Lookin gooooood

Lab Rat said...

I love the new design :D It's neater and more professional and I'm pleased with the way my re-arranged sidebar worked out.

Suzana said...

It looks pretty darn awesome! :)