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The Carnival of Evolution - coming soon.

In one weeks time, the Carnival of Evolution is coming to Lab Rat! Like most of the bloggy carnivals floating around, it's a travelling one and I am very excited to be hosting it.

If you're a blog reader, I hope you'll enjoy looking through a variety of posts from a couple of different people, all on the topic of evolution. If you're a bloggy writer then write me a post! Blog carnivals are a great way to get your blog noticed, and to get more exposure for your writing. Also it's fun to read other people's thoughts on a topic as well as sharing your own.

You can submit articles and blog-posts here. There's still one week left, so plenty of time to get a nice post written!

[And I am aware that the SGM series is going a little slower this time around. I'm really enjoying doing it and I will get through it, I'm just taking my time, as there's a lot of other stuff going on in my life at the moment.]

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