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New SGM series!

The Society for General Microbiology runs regular conferences that concentrate exclusively on the world of the very small. Although I am currently not a member :( I have been in the past, and plan to be again next year!

The conferences are always very good, and last august I bemoaned not being able to make one. This spring I am also not able to attend as I've only just come back from my honeymoon, and in the general scheme of work-life balance it would be a very sad and hardcore worker who would put an actual wedding second to marriage.

The last SGM conference that I missed, I decided to do a nerdy little one-women conference of my own, here at Lab Rat. And it worked so well that this time I'm going to try and do it again. One post every two days, covering the following topics in no particular order:

Seeing the cell through the “eyes” of the virus
Guarding microbial diversity
Insect symbiosis
Life at Zero Growth Rate
Maths & microbes - heh that'll be fun!
Social evolution in micro-organisms

Seven topics, which should take me two weeks to get through. It'll be a good way to get my self back into blogging and back into the exciting world of bacteria. It should be an interesting fortnight!

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