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So, it's been a little quiet around here for the last week or so. Mainly because I went from the state of having a PhD application sliding it's way slowly around the Gormenghastian admissions system to suddenly having a PhD conformation and a funding application deadline in very close succession. I spent last weekend frantically turning what was a 200 word project summary into both a 100 word abstract and a 1000 word project proposal.

Also A-level time is right on top of us, which means that tuitions momentarily went slightly haywire out of student panic. I now know the A-level chemistry course back-to-front, which is a bonus as I'd sort of forgotten bits of it during the course of my degree.

Anyway, the exciting news is yes I do now have a PhD lined up for next year! I have one years funding, and am trying to look for creative ways to turn it into three years funding. Naturally I am insanely excited about starting the PhD, and getting back into a lab. One thing I'll have to do is get all up to scratch on the reading list, having been out of the science scene a bit since January. Reading papers to me means blogging about papers, so stay tuned for a deluge of information about How Antibiotics Are Made along with the occasional interest paper about This Awesome Thing I've Found Bacteria Do.

And if you are neither interested nor excited in antibiotics then prepared to be deluged with me telling you why you should be :p


Michele Arduengo said...

Congratulations! I've always enjoyed the feel of excitement as that brand new lab notebook cracks open, wondering where its empty pages will eventually lead. Good luck with your new project. Look forward to reading about it.

Suzana said...

I like antibiotics, bring it on! :)

Congrats on the PhD admission!

James said...

Am I reading this right?You have to seek your own funding? In Aust. the government hands out three year scholarships and the universities hand out an equivalent scholarship to those that don't get the government scholarship! Pretty much, if you want to do a PhD they will find a way.
Congrats on the placement, keep a web based lab book and we can all follow your experiments and bombard you with suggestions :)

Lab Rat said...

Thanks for the congratulations. I love new lab books as well, empty pages just have so much potential - they can turn into anything :)

@James: The department has about six scholarships and lots of applications. I applied, went through the interview, and didn't succeed. So now I have a kind of bastard PhD where I'm trying to scrape together funding from all sorts of random places :p

It would have been so much easier if I'd got a scholarship, but on the other hand having to put this much effort into the funding means I'll *really* be motivated to get as much as possible out of the PhD.

Lucas Brouwers said...

Congratulations and the best of luck! I'm sure you'll do great :)

Hannah Waters said...

Congrats!! That is great news. Are you going to be writing about antibiotics sometimes? I've had to write about em a little and I've gotten completely sucked in. Is your project in antibiotic development? I hear that that's pretty hard stuff. Best of luck!!

John Farrell said...

Congratulations on all your hard work!