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Lab Rat vs Fake Science

For those of you who might have missed my writing, I've written a piece for the Varsity magazine "Not-Sci" section, which examines false scientific claims. My piece is looking at a little Gadget called Totem Confidence, which claims through the power of a CD and a keyring to increase confidence, reduce stress, and reduce your bank balance by £14.97. You can read it here. LINK IS NOW UP AND RUNNING AGAIN.

For those of you who want to promote your own work, or have a desire to read all sorts of other pieces, Lab Rat will be hosting the MolBio Carnival on the 6th. If you've written (or read!) any blog posts that deal with the inner life of the cell then please do submit them it would be great to have loads of interesting posts.

And after that ... the science posting will return with a vengeance, because I have a PhD starting up in a few months, and I want to be a microbiological expert before I head in!

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