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Some People Juggle Geese

I've spent most of today fighting with computer programmes, but during a brief lull (while pipetting out buffer L2 actually) I suddenly realised that there are an awful lot of odd things that you end up saying in a lab ranging from the slightly weird to the utterly confusing. So here's a little list. All of these have been said (or paraphrased) by me at some point in the last few weeks. And at the time they all made sense...

First, some that are just me being me:
"400 x 5 uh, yeah, that's 2"
"Oh shite, I've lost an order of magnitude"
"I'm going to pretend my lab coat is a trench coat"
"I'm actually beginning to doubt the existence of DNA."
"I can speak to computers!"

A couple of worrying ones:
"Ah. I didn't realise they were that expensive"
"Don't worry! I'm fine! The water just escaped."
"It seems that Agar at 50 degrees is not enough to remove fingerprints."
"Did you just hear the lid explode?"

And last, the vaguely baffling:
"My daisy is on the ice-box."
"Spot on seventy at a random twiddling of the twiddle."
"Shoogle it violently then go as fast as possible."

My favourite phrase is probably the "My daisy is on the ice-box" It has a slightly Monty Python-ish air to it.

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FreeWildebeest said...

Labs sound... interesting. Quite a lot of those make no sense to me what so ever.