Field of Science

Things I've learnt today...

If you're writing a report, don't write the discussion in five minutes straight. And don't print immediately after writing the discussion. And don't hand the report in without checking you've written everything you want to write.


I had lots of interesting things to put in that discussion as well. It was going to be a good discussion.

Other things I've learnt:
  • Don't waste time looking at random sites when you should be writing reports
  • Don't do this so often that you end up writing the report the morning it's due
  • Don't miss breakfast to write a report
  • The pope is a catholic
  • Bears really do shit in the woods.
Gak. I am the worst scientist ever.

Good news though: We have phage! They grew, with no contamination, which means that tommorrow we get to slice them open and take their DNA out. YAY!!

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