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Emotions...I knew i was forgetting something...

Slightly baffling BBC Health headline today: "Emotional intelligence 'aids sex'"

Apparently woman with a high 'emotional intelligence' (defined rather shakily as being better able to monitor their own and others emotional feelings) enjoy it more. 2 035 female patients were given questionnaires about their experiences during sex and their emotional intelligence. Apparently there was enough correlation between the two for the BBC to conclude that a greater ability to feel, express, and enjoy emotional connections made sex better.

Well, who'da thunk!

*facepalm* this really should not be a headline.

And interestingly enough, there don't seem to be any similar studies done on men. Making this whole article, and indeed the study, border on the lines of the pointless and the obvious.

Ah well, it provided a brief (and because there is a part in all of us with the mentality of an immature 14-year old) slightly snigger-inducing break from revision. Membrane translocation can only hold my interest for so long.


Anonymous said...

You know, I saw the headline and skipped the article. Wanna bet it's followed by an advice column on "10 ways to improve your emotional intelligence?"

Sometimes I wonder why I'm going into medicine. I mean, anyone who wants to save humanity doesn't really know them yet.

Luke said...

Or, just as easily, good sex aids emotional intelligence.