Field of Science


...would be a lot easier if the lecturers gave better notes. Notes that didn't leave me trying to work out colour-coded protein domains printed in greyscale with four very small slides to a page surrounded by unhelpful notes which turn into random squiggles when I drift off.

It's the option lectures that are scaring me at the moment. First terms stuff I've kind of got a hold on but I'm a bit lost with the options stuff, because I wasn't revising it as I went along. The reason I wasn't revising it? Because I was simultaneously trying to do an 8am-6pm five-days-a-week lab work project with a 5000 word write-up worth (wait for it) a whole 10% of my mark.

I swear this department is trying to kill me. Why I've agreed to do another year of it I don't know. (Except that the lab work was FUN. Just mental. Fun and mental. Like me :p )

But as soon as I get out of here, I am definitely going to make a headlong dash for the microbiology department and stay there. They will probably work me just as hard and just as crazily, but at least the scenery will be different.

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