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End of exams!

So exams finally finished! Going out with a bang for the final practical paper, which was evil to the point of being insane. It seemed to be designed to cover material we hadn't been taught, about half way through I seriously began to wonder whether I'd missed a few lecture courses somewhere.

Had there been a lecture on how to calculate glycolytic flux? Was there a chemistry course I'd somehow missed? Had flow cytometry been covered at some point without my knowledge?

But no. it turned out they did actually expect us to work out how to calculate glycolytic flux from first principles. In an hour. IN FINALS. AND apparently remember back to A-level chemistry.

*is dead, Jim*

Anyway now I have more time on my hands, I want to start properly getting into research blogging. And the truly interesting stuff should start next month, when I get back into the lab. =D

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you're done! Excellent!

That exam situation sounds eerily familiar. You turn over the blue sheet, read the the questions again and wonder where on earth the lecturers are pulling these things from. Last week's regen med exam had NO mention of iPSCs, as well, just to insult us.