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I was hoping to get another paper-analysis post in before I left, but I ran out of time. I'm off to America tomorrow morning (*early* tomorrow morning) for a synthetic biology conference. I get the feeling it's going to be utterly mad, and leave me completely exhausted by the time I get back (on Tuesday evening).

Expect some residual synthetic biology stuff when I get back! I'm hoping to scribble down enough for a post while I'm there, and type it up when I get back. I could bring my laptop along, but I'm trying to keep my luggage down to hand-luggage and I suspect I wouldn't have the time. Also, I'm not quite sure of the etiquette of conference-blogging. Some of this stuff might have publishing-potential but not yet been constructed into a paper, and I don't want to accidentally 'out' someones research.

As a quick teaser, here's a picture of what me and my fellow summer-project lab rats will be taking about. All the pigments were made in E. coli:


Captain Skellett said...

Wow, those are some stunning pigments, can't believe they came from e-coli! They look like they belong in a chem lab that works with metal ligands. Is pretty! Have a great time in America.

John Farrell said...

Hey! What part of America? Boston/Cambridge?

aleszu said...

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